Happy World Goth Day 2021

It’s time to celebrate and embrace the creepy and the kooky, mysterious and spooky, the strange and unusual as well as the beauty to be found within the darkness. Erik and I would like to wish you all a batty, ghoulish, yet happy and healthy World Goth Day! ~GA

Joseph Lister Carbolic Steamer 3D Animation

With #Listerweek in full swing, I was reminded of an animation I made a while back and decided to go and resurrect it from the archives to share!…

Doctor, please stop calling yourself doctor?!

Was it politics? Ignorance? Jealousy? Insecurity? Oh no, just misogyny as usual……

Is Breast Best?

Are we being inclusive when it comes to breastfeeding awareness? A personal reflection on our breastfeeding journey….

Content being restored soon!

Due to hosting issues and a hard drive failure, the blog content is currently unavailable. However, I’m working hard to get it restored soon. Stay tuned! -GA